BIM Management

We see ourselves as your partner, someone you can trust.

BIM Management is sometimes not easy, why not use an external partner with many years of experience?

We can make sure that the whole project team is really producing high-quality BIM models, and not only 3D models.

BIM + CAD Standards
BIM Execution Plans (BEP)

Need a Standard for your BIM models or CAD drawings?
Need to make sure everybody in the team is working yccording to the Standards?

Someone asked you to follow a BIM Execution Plan (BEP)?

Lets have a chat!

We help you setting up a Standard or help you to keep track...

Model Checks

Not sure if your model is good enough and according to the Standards?

You have issues with your model and need to have it fixed?

Want a federated model and see more than just some clashes?

Need the right platform for the team?

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We understand the construction process and really know where the issues in a BIM model are...

BIM Setup + Training for Project Teams

Starting a new project and you want to make sure that everybody in the team understands the BIM requirements?
Want to make sure BIM is used straight from the start and used the right way?

Setup the of BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is confusing you?

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We get the project team on the right track...